Eramet Norway bolsters its competitive position by promoting strong local communities around our processing plants.

Benefits of Eramet Norway’s commitment to corporate social responsibility:

  • The owner-stakeholders receive a return on invested capital in line with expectations.
  • The employees enjoy security for themselves and their families.
  • Suppliers have a demanding customer.
  • Customers receive quality products on time.
  • The environment suffers minimal harm.
  • Eramet Norway is proactive in adapting its operations to the surrounding environment.
  • Eramet Norway produces useful products that the world needs in an environmentally efficient manner.

The company’s attitude is that participation, involvement and use of employees’ expertise help to drive the development of vibrant and attractive local communities.

Through our membership of forums such as Grenland Industrial Cluster, the Eyde network and EnergiRike, we are committed to sharing knowledge among regulatory authorities, politicians, centres of expertise and our own industry on major issues of mutual concern.

Eramet Norway believes that the following are key features of a thriving industrial region:

  • equally distributed and stable welfare benefits
  • a competitive, profitable and dynamic local economy
  • ample access to skills and expertise
  • a variety of employment opportunities, housing options and amenities

Supporting the local community

Eramet Norway supports clubs, organizations, cultural activities and individual events at each of its production locations. It is important that the local community around our company continues to provide opportunities for cultural and leisure activities.

Partnerships with environmental organizations

Eramet Norway has formal working relationships with several of Norway’s leading environmental organizations. Our common objective is to leverage each other’s expertise to improve the company’s environmental performance.

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Environment and climateBase values

Eramet sets strict environmental standards for its own operations and works closely with the Norwegian authorities to ensure that all regulations are followed and that improvement targets are continually set. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, the standard for environmental management systems. World’s greenest manganese alloy producer >

Eramet Norway has a clearly defined set of base values and a management concept that focuses on our clients, employees and other stakeholders, such as neighbours, society at large, and the company’s shareholders and suppliers. Vibrant industrial regions are essential to support the very existence of the processing plants. Inclusive corporate culture pays off >