ERAMET is a French-owned mining and metallurgy group that operates internationally in three main business areas: special steel, manganese and nickel.

The first company in the group, Société Le Nickel (SLN), was founded in 1880 to explore and mine for nickel deposits in New Caledonia. Since then, other companies have added their histories and identities to the group, including Aubert & Duval, established in France in 1907, and COMILOG, la Compagnie Minière de l’Ogooué (Ogooué Mining Company), founded in Gabon in 1962.

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SteelSpecial steel



Strong values for a common culture

The ERAMET plants are spread across five continents. The group has 14 000 employees and operates in multiple business areas. Despite its diversity, the group has succeeded in fostering a common corporate culture among its employees. This corporate culture is encompassed in five basic values. These values shape the group’s identity across the globe and guide ERAMET’s employees in their daily work.

A versatile organization responsive to economic conditions

Eramet has implemented the LEAN concept, which provides for flexible, efficient and responsive management. This is an undisputed advantage in the increasingly volatile and competitive sector in which the group operates.

The group operates in multiple countries and business areas: Eramet_organisasjonskart  

Environment and sustainabilityInternational competitiveness
Eramet Norway realized early on that environmentally sustainable onshore industry is the way of the future for Norway. Since 2001, when ERAMET acquired the processing plants previously owned by Elkem, about half a billion Norwegian kroner has been spent on developing and adopting green technology. Today, Eramet Norway can proudly boast that we operate the world’s cleanest manganese alloy production facilities.
One of the challenges we face in operating and growing our business in Norway is working with the Norwegian authorities to create an operating environment that bolsters our international competitiveness. ERAMET enjoys excellent working relationships with the authorities and other stakeholders.