Eramet Norway has a clearly defined set of basic values and a management concept that focuses on our clients, employees and other stakeholders, such as neighbours, society at large, and the company’s shareholders and suppliers. These values are the very basis for the existence of our processing plants.


One of the world’s most efficient producers of manganese

Eramet Norway’s mission is to complement the Eramet Group’s global activities by being a leader in the production of refined products and by meeting our customers’ needs over time by offering a development-oriented processing environment, smart logistic solutions, and manufacturing in compliance with national, accepted HES objectives. With three production sites and a shared administration, Eramet Norway is one of the world’s most efficient manganese producers.

Teamwork-based values and results

Eramet Norway has consolidated its values platform around five basic values. In pursuing the company’s mission, it is the way the employees work together that determines efficiency. The outcome is derived through teamwork, technology and organization, and the company’s most important instrument is competent, skilled labour.

Eramet’s five basic values are: 1) Customer and stakeholder orientation 2) Sustainable performance 3) Initiative and team spirit 4) Respect and people development 5) Integrity and courage

All employees are expected to be familiar with the company’s mission and values. All employees at Eramet Norway must know what they are expected to contribute to ensure the company’s success in pursuing its mission while living up to the five base values. Eramet Norway will take steps to ensure that initiative, inclusion and job satisfaction are the hallmarks of our workplaces.

A Nordic, democratic workplace


Eramet Norway takes responsibility for the working environment. The workplace model is Nordic and democratic, with a flat organizational structure in all the processing plants. Respect for diversity and for the individual is standard. Eramet Norway is convinced that if each employee is shown due respect and trust and is given freedom and discretion to act, this will encourage employees to take personal responsibility. Clearly defined objectives, appropriate skills and expertise, and freedom in the workplace result in employees taking initiatives that move the company forward.

Clear standards and rules in the organization reduce the need for control on the part of management. Management resources are thereby freed up and can be devoted to problem solving and business development.

Eramet Norway is a stable, reliable employer and an interesting place to work. We need employees who are skilled in the company’s core specialties and who have a desire to advance their careers in technology. Read more about career opportunities at Eramet Norway ›