Eramet Norway is a stable, reliable employer and an interesting place to work. Coupled with access to ample sources of renewable energy, Eramet Norway’s experience in producing ferroalloys means that the company is well placed to meet future challenges. The company’s greatest asset, however, is its highly trained and highly motivated workforce.

Eramet needs employees who are skilled in the company’s core specialties and have a desire to advance their career in technology. Periodically the company also needs people with expertise in management and organizational development to work in centralized functions such as finance, HR, IT, procurement and logistics.

If you would like to be part of the Eramet Norway team, you can apply for an apprenticeship, or perhaps you already have an educational background that is relevant to the company.

The workplace model is Nordic and democratic, with a flat organizational structure in all the processing plants. Respect for diversity and for the individual is standard. Eramet Norway is convinced that if each employee is shown due respect and trust and is given freedom and discretion to act, this will encourage employees to take personal responsibility.

International career opportunities

You play the central role in your own career development, but Eramet can be of great help to you. Read more about opportunities for an international career with Eramet. As an employee of Eramet Norway, you will also meet and work with foreign colleagues who work in the local organization.

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